Tips on Men’s Dressing

Every woman can liaise with me when I say an awesomely dressed up man stands out. So today, I want to be on the lookout for you people, on ways you can improve your styles and what you should completely avoid and not mess with your style. Men are completely messing their dressing by simply doing the following wrongly:

  • Shirt sleeves


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The unbuttoning of the shirt’s sleeves and folding them up, looks a little bit untidy and unprofessional. The classy and professional way to do these is, just unbutton your shirt roll your shirtsleeve up to your elbow and then roll it one more time and in that way you look nice and neat.

  • Shirt dressing

Some people are very poor in these. This is messed up in the following ways:

  1. Some people may feel that the shirt they are dressed in is too tight so after they tack it in, they pull it out a little bit and they leave a muffin top.
  2. They do know how to properly tack in a shirt but instead, adopt the tacking in with a muffin top throughout the day.

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The best way to tack in is just grab the excess fabric on both sides of the shirt fold them back, tack in nicely wear a good belt and you are good to go.

  • Wearing sunglasses and hats indoors or during the night.


Both of these items have different functions. Of course sunglasses block the sun rays and so do the hats. This helps you keep cooler more comfortable throughout the day. So if you are indoors, you really don’t need to block anything, so remove the sunglasses and the hat.

  • Not wearing a watch

A watch primarily boosts you style since it’s kinda wired or uncommon for a man to be in jewels. A watch is something you can wear any time of the day and look good in it.

  • Sneakers


Yes, sneakers are awesome but if they become your everyday shoes, you will be limiting yourself. Since there are more classy shoes such as boots and leather loafers, choose them once in a while in order to diversify your look.


This are just but a few things men need to adopt and improve their style

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