Do You Even Know You Are Making Style Mistakes Unknowingly.

Men, today I want to save you from making silly mistakes when dressing up. Style is something that is advancing and changing every day. There are still some things that you are finding yourself doing that are adversely affecting and killing your style.  The style mistakes that you might be doing without even realising are:




  • To many buttons – one button undone from the neck is not that great because it seems to stop adeptly, the best look drops in when there is a soft opening.
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  • Puddling pants – these are pants that puddle around the shoe. There is a thin line between foot break and puddling pants. Puddling pants happens when the length is too long.
  • Slim and tight clothing – to be honest it is weird and uncouth for a man to be in tight pants and he is even struggling to move. It important to be in a slim, fitting and comfortable cloth.images (5)
  • Extreme accessories – you are like, ‘I have fifty accessories, am rocking some neck ware and an ankle bracelet on’. As a man don’t do earing too; just be simple and trust me, you will be cool.
  • Ultra deep-V – a little man cleavage is cool, but too much cleavage is not for men. There is a V-neck and deep-V. The deeper the cleavage the more you look like a chick. Not cool!
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  • Bad underwear – old nasty stretched out and stained underwear is not only ruining your look but also is one of the biggest disaster especially when a dude is walking and has a bunch of extra fabric he is trying to jam into his pants. Therefore, for a cool solution, just go for a nice fitting boxer and avoid these embarrassments.
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  • A tie that is too thin – super thin ties are not that cool. The best size of a tie should match the width of your repel.
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  • Thoughts of dressing up any jeans – a super white washed, distressed or banned out jeans is in no position to be dressed up.
  • Pocket square point – should be simple, clean and folded well. It should always be appropriate.
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  • Dressing way too young – style matures with age they go hand in hand.

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The above points are self-opinionated. You don’t really have to follow word by word or point by point. After we all need to look stylish.

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