Amazing rules to choose the Right Belt.

Finding the right and suiting belt for your outfit can actually accentuate your outfit, since this is the central part of your outfit. This chops your body into half, so if you choose the wrong belt you ruin your whole outfit. There are a couple of things you need to look at when choosing your belt for specific outfits. They are simple but need to be over looked.

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The best and classy belt I would recommend is the micro-adjustable belt meaning it can be adjusted in inches more than the regular belt with holes. This will get you a more precise fit. It doesn’t matter if you gain or lose some weight since you will be able to adjust the belt to your right size with no problems. There are little more things you need to look at after you get the right belt to compliment your outfit, which are:

  1. Match your medals

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Most of us are aware of matching the leather belt with the leather shoe, but still it is not enough since you need to match your medals. How? If you having a silver buckle on your belt match it with a silver watch to amount to a double match. It is same with a gold buckle match it with a gold watch.

Therefore, to achieve the awesome look and save yourself from purchasing hundreds of belts, get this basic knowledge. The best belt colours are black and brown, and then get the silver and gold buckles to change in and match your outfit. This will save you from overspending on belts and many hustles with the belts.

  1. The width

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The best way to solve this is by getting thinner belts. When it comes to most of the trousers, they have thin loops unlike a casual wear that has thicker loops requiring a thicker belt.

  1. Match your leather

With these, I don’t mean you spend all you money in purchasing all colours of leather shoes and belts. This needs you to get a shade of a colour that can blend in with most of your leather shoes.

  1. Be smarter on casual


What I mean by that is you don’t have to match the belt and the shoes when you are going casual. For instance, white snickers with a white belt, no! Get a belt that can blend in with your snickers. The rule with casuals is that you don’t have to match everything. Just make sure if you go casual on your belt, the shoes should be casual too and they should blend in and make your outfit look super cool.

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