How to be a Chick Magnet! Things that make any Guy Irresistibly Attractive

Ever thought of transforming yourself from being that guy who looks good around ladies to that guy who is a chick magnet. The reason you need to change into a chick magnet is that being a chick magnet is sweet, being the chick magnet has absolutely nothing to do with being the best looking guy in the room.


Most occasions are the times you wonder how an incredibly average looking guy has the most hot looking lady, and the answer is, he is a chick magnet. Here is how you can be one too;

  1. Act like a chick magnet

chick magnet 2

Chick magnets are mature, approachable meaning their body language is open, and they always put a smile on their faces.

  1. Sound like a chick magnet


You can actually screw an amazing image and attractiveness if you open your mouth, start bragging and cursing because you sound like a little boy. In these case you need to be polite by using words like please, thanks and create an engaging environment where engage people in sensible conversations. It is not a matter of being the most handsome guy or the most fashionable guy, but still clothing and style is your great equalizer.

  1. Look like a chick magnet

a dreesed man.jpg

When I think of chick magnets and dressing to be a chick magnet, I look for style trending magazines and get the style inspirations. Moreover, with all that you can never go wrong, and check out the links I will link on how to groom yourself.

  1. Smell like a chick magnet


Chick magnet always smell fantastic and these doesn’t mean that you going to bath in your favourite cologne no, but make sure that your hygiene is on point. Therefore, you need to ask yourself about your breath and whether your deodorant is working accordingly.

  1. Feel like a chick magnet


Chick magnets take care of themselves physically and this doesn’t mean that you need a six pack, it means that you take care of yourself physically by working out at the gym or do push-ups or sit-ups or go for long walks. You will absolutely look fantastic.



Being that chick magnet doesn’t take much, you only need to take care of yourself and be yourself.

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