Different Body Shapes with the Right Type of a Dress

We are all unique and different in our own way. The best intention you can ever have for your body is to understand your shape and the basics of dressing it. From my point of view, many women are a combination of several shapes but it is all about mixing and matching until you find what is best for you.

The most important thing is to embrace your shape and dress it appropriately. Here are several body shapes and the appropriate dress for each body shape:

  1. Curvy shape go for a wrap dress.

wrap dress.jpg

This shape is the most admired shape by many, but for you to show out those curves you need to look out for semi fitted styles that follow your curves and highlight your waistline. Avoid high necklines and anything too loose or too fitted.

  1. A full bust go for a shift dress.


If you’re in these category you still lucky since you can never struggle with breastfeeding because you have the right size for a baby to enjoy being feed. But then again when it comes to dressing you need to look for a semi fitted shapes that have open necklines and nipped in waists.

Avoid high off-the-shoulder and boat necklines, formless A-lines and styles with wide belts.

  1. A small bust go for a strapless dress.



Tall or petite women can fall under these category since a bust cannot much with heights, therefore they need to look for strapless styles that add definition to the bust.

Avoid anything with built-in boning or darts that you can’t fill out.

  1. Short go for a sheath dress.


Short women tend to be more advantageous when it comes to dressing since most of these dresses can fit their bodies very well, though to be more appropriate they need to look for a simple silhouettes that will accentuate your petite figure without overwhelming it to shine their height.

Avoid full skirts and anything with a large amount of embellishments.

  1. A long waist and short legs go for an A-Line dress.


Out of ten, probably four of the women have a long waist and short legs, if you under this bracket look for A-Line styles that keep the eye upward and away from the waist.

Avoid anything that accentuates you natural waistline.

  1. A boyish frame go for a shirt-dress.


Having a boyish frame is different from being a tomboy. If you fall under the group look for belted styles that curves.

Avoid T-shirts and tank dresses or any voluminous styles.

  1. A tummy go for an empire waist dress.

tummy dress.jpg

Most of the women today they are unable to get rid of the tummies mostly the baby fat, though some got naturals tummies but whichever way your stomach came into formation look for dresses that do not accentuate the waistline.

Avoid anything that highlights the waist and dresses that are too tight.

  1. A short waist and long legs go for a bias-cut dress.


Height is a blessing and to shine that height look for dresses with a torso lengthening draped neckline.

Avoid anything that accentuates your natural waistline.


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