Styles of Shoes Every Man Needs in his Wardrobe

Gentlemen, having 10 pair of shoes is not harmful for you, just as women whom 10 pair of shoes are a necessity to them. Today am here to help you build a versatile and the sexiest wardrobe. Let us look at some of the shoe styles that every man should own and identify the scenarios […]

Different Body Shapes with the Right Type of a Dress

We are all unique and different in our own way. The best intention you can ever have for your body is to understand your shape and the basics of dressing it. From my point of view, many women are a combination of several shapes but it is all about mixing and matching until you find […]

How to be a Chick Magnet! Things that make any Guy Irresistibly Attractive

Ever thought of transforming yourself from being that guy who looks good around ladies to that guy who is a chick magnet. The reason you need to change into a chick magnet is that being a chick magnet is sweet, being the chick magnet has absolutely nothing to do with being the best looking guy […]

How to Dress Your Body Type

We are all created in His Own image and likeness, though we are unique and stillborn in different times, with different shapes and sizes. From this perspective, I would like us to agree that not all of us have proportional body shapes, therefore I’m here to let you know that your body size and shape […]

The Primary accessories Every Man Needs and Must Have.

There are those nice accessories that separate you from other dudes. It evident that you will still look awesome in those pants and shirt, since no one else can rock them the way you do. The issue is ‘what can make you stand out from a group of men dressed in some awesome looking shirts […]

Amazing rules to choose the Right Belt.

Finding the right and suiting belt for your outfit can actually accentuate your outfit, since this is the central part of your outfit. This chops your body into half, so if you choose the wrong belt you ruin your whole outfit. There are a couple of things you need to look at when choosing your […]