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Stress is the mental and physical reaction to our life experiences and expectations. We have all been stressed from time to time. We can get stressed by our work, by our relationships etc. Stress can be damaging to our health if not treated as it can lead to increased blood pressure, anxiety, headaches, depression, and insomnia.

Upset, Overwhelmed, Stress, Tired

Below are some of the ways we could use to manage stress:-


You may be stressed from work, bills you haven’t paid, relationships etc. Having routine exercises helps us to relax and to feel less stressed. The exercise helps to calm our minds as well as our bodies hence it would be good for you if you exercised more often.

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Meditation can be a good solution to overcoming stress as it helps to calm our nerves and keeps us focused.  It can also help us get new perspectives and help release emotions that maybe stressing us.


Socializing can be a very good way for us to relieve stress. Talking to your friends about your concerns or problems might help in getting a solution. They might give you their opinion which could be very helpful.

Picnic, Outdoors, Family, Friends

Smile and laugh

When you’re stressed it is essential that you find something that will make you smile and laugh. This will be a very good way to make you forget about your problems. This could help relieve some of the tension.

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Eat stress relieve foods

Some of the ways that you could relieve stress is by eating stress relieving foods such as:-

  • Red Peppers- They are very rich in vitamin c which helps to lower blood pressure.

Pepper, Red Pepper, Eat, Hot, Red

  • Spinach– They are very rich in folate which can help our bodies in regulating neurotransmitters. They are also very rich in magnesium which can help regulate our blood pressures.

 Green Smoothie, Smoothie, Kale, Green


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