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Flat Stomach? How to get a flat tummy

Getting a flat stomach is really easy and it all depends on your determination. There some routine measures that you can incorporate such as:-


You can incorporate at least 10 minutes of exercise before sleeping as this will help you in losing weight. You can do squats or use dumbbells which can help in the burning of calories leading to weight loss. Make the exercises routinely for maximum benefit as it not only helps in loss of weight but also helps the heart healthier.



Take cold showers

Taking a cold shower before bed time not only helps in the circulation of blood but can also help in flattening of the stomach. The cold shower will lower your body temperature which can then stimulate a tissue responsible for consuming energy to increase body temperature, which burns more calories.

cold showers.jpg


Avoid processed foods

Processed foods such as cereal bars contain a lot of calories and hence should be avoided if you want to lose weight. Cereal bars also contain lactose which can cause bloating.

ceral bars.jpg

Smoothies made naturally

Opt for natural smoothies made from ingredients such as spinach, fruits, coconut oil, almond milk and seeds. This is because commercial smoothies usually contain chemicals that can counteract the positive effect of natural nutrients as preservatives.


Avoid Yogurt after dinner

Yogurt is really beneficial to the body but should be avoided especially after dinner because they usually contain large amounts of sugar and lactose which is difficult to digest. The combination of lactose and natural sugar can cause inflammation as well as the swelling of the stomach.


Avoid Sugar free gums

Although some may doubt about sugar free gums several studies have shown that it contains a type of sugar alcohol that slows digestion. Slow digestion favors bacterial fermentation thus causing diarrhea and bloating.



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