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Golf for beginners

Many of the first time beginners will always have trouble hitting the ball. This might be due to the inexperience or the fact that you haven’t been using the best clubs to enhance your skill level. For you to improve on your skill level, you need to use the correct clubs so that your can improve on your game. A beginner’s golf set can vary in number. They could have between 12-17 clubs which include a sand wedge, pitching wedge, irons, driver, putter etc.

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Below are some of the best golf clubs you could use to enhance your shot power and consistency:-

Over-sized club

To overcome the challenge of inconsistent hitting, an over-sized club with a sweet spot is ideal. The chances of a mishit would be minimal if the club face is larger. Irons clubs are also ideal for a beginner because the perimeter weighting tends to increase the sweet spot on the club surface which in turn allows more consistent hitting.

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Shorter club

Shorter clubs tend to help with better club to ball contact unlike the longer clubs.

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Wide sole clubs

A club that has a wide sole will slice through the grass a lot easier resulting in a much higher shot trajectory. Hence beginners should opt for such clubs.




They offer more consistency on shots and are the ideal clubs for new beginners. They also offer perimeter weighting, a wider sole, and a low Centre of gravity .The sand wedge offers a more bounce for shots that are in the sand or around the rough.

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The putter

The putter is usually equipped with alignment stripes for enhanced accuracy. This is an ideal club especially for beginners to use. It might be difficult at first for most guys but with enough practice you can well master and use the putter to your advantage.



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