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Smelly feet? Tips you could use to avoid getting smelly feet

Use the following tips to avoid smelly feet

Wear the correct kind of shoes and socks

There are some guys who sweat when wearing particular kind of shoes hence you can choose to wear the shoes that make you comfortable and less sweaty. Materials such as nylon can trap moisture around your feet. On the other had material such as cotton lets your feet breathe. For those people who tend to sweat more often can usually buy an extra pair of socks and change when they sweat.


Use a Disinfectant

If you don’t want to get rid of your favorite shoes which stink just use a disinfectant to salvage the shoes. Disinfectants usually contain ethanol and other sanitizing ingredients that kill the bacteria. First, spray the entire inside of your shoe with the sanitizing cleaning product. Then, spray clean socks with Lysol, place them inside your shoes, and leave them overnight. The socks will allow for even more Lysol to soak into your shoes.


Deep your feet into tea

Tea helps to cure smelly feet. Tea contains an acid that closes your pores which will reduce the amount of sweat and also acts as a natural antibiotic which kill bacteria on your feet. You can be soaking your feet for 30 minutes at least once a week.


Soak in salt water

Salt reduces the amount of bacteria on your feet that can survive there. It also helps pull moisture out of your skin. You can be soaking your feet in salt every day for at least 2 weeks for maximum results.


Use Vinegar

Vinegar has a drying effect and the bacteria around the feet will starve. You can soak your feet in vinegar every day for a week for better results.


Use Powder

Powder can be a very good remedy for smelly feet as they can absorb moisture around the feet.




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