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Chewing Gum: Negative Effects of Chewing Gum


Most of us like chewing gum as it helps to freshen our breath but chewing gum has quite a number of disadvantages such as:-

May lead to tooth decay

This can occur as a result of sugared gums which can lead to tooth decay. This occurs because sugar coats the teeth and can slowly damage the enamel if they are not brushed immediately. You can reduce the harmful effects by using gum that has smaller quantities of sugar.

Stomach upset

Excessive chewing of gum can lead to the increased levels of stress in your stomach and intestines. Continuous chewing of gum and swallowing of saliva interferes with the digestion process which could lead to irritation, aches and gastritis.

May lead to stressing of the jaws

Habitual chewing of gum can lead to stresses jaws. If this stress is not regulated, it can lead to a disorder known as temporomandibular joint disorder (TJD) which is manifested with very severe facial pain and discomfort.

Irregular development of facial muscles

Chewing of gum extensively especially in puberty may lead to the stimulation of jawbone and facial muscles and creation of a larger face.

Social distraction

Chewing of gum especially in public places can be very irritating and distracting to the people around you.

Can lead to Kidney problems

If you have mercury filled cavities, habitual chewing of gum can lead to the dislodging and releasing of it into your metabolism which can affect your blood, nerves and brain functions. It can affect your kidney especially when the kidney is trying to purify your blood.

Can cause allergic reactions

Most gum companies use artificial sweeteners to make their brands unique and longer lasting. Some of these artificial sweeteners can cause allergic reactions which can lead to irritation and headaches.


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